The Pon Tiki Marina

The Pon Tiki Marina

Pon Tiki Garage
Pon Tiki’s ‘Boatport’

Yesterday was another big step in our new adventures to being pontoon boat owners. We wrote Sun Tracker and they gave us a ‘soft date’ when Pon Tiki should be finished with production. They said it can be flexible as much as two weeks either way. Well since it is a couple of days after the 19th, we may have delivery within a few weeks at the most.  We are beginning to get excited. We have been using this time to purchase almost all of the accessories, both mandatory as well as optional, and have also been taking the BoatsUS Boater Safety Course – Florida. It is a free course!

We also researched boat insurance and were surprised to find a big difference doing it online as compared to talking directly with our agent. We chose to go with Progressive because that is who we use to insurance our home and vehicles. For the exact same coverage, the online quote was $140.00 more than the quote from our agent here in town ( all discounts included in both quotes )…it pays to shop!

And finally yesterday, the steel ‘boatport’ was constructed and completed! We were hoping that would happen before we took delivery of the boat itself. Now we have peace of mind knowing Pon Tiki will be protected! So, over the next few weeks, we will continue our safety course, learn how to use the Garmin Striker 4 Fishfinder with GPS, and study up on Mercury engine maintenance!


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